Earn What You Truly Deserve!

Are you earning the income you really want to make as a writer?

If you are not making what you think you should, why not?

What is holding you back?

 Do you believe that earning six figures a year is even possible?



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You are not alone. Thousands of writers push the boundaries of self-limitations and societal hardships every single day. Many feel isolated and paralyzed from the overload of information bombarding their computer screens as they desperately try to figure out a way to make a great living working from home.

Earn What You Truly Deserve takes a hard look at the current landscape and perceptions surround the professional field of writing. We are going to carefully examine the obstacles still needing to be overcome and try to project what the future may hold for us word wielders. 

In this book, we will discuss:

  • Why we need to destroy the myth of the starving artist once and for all

  • What the current obstacles are in the freelance writing world

  • How to set up systems for everyday success and protecting creative work

  • Overcoming mental-challenges that hold us back from what we want

    And more….

This book is specifically targeted for writers serious about growing their business. As a professional writer myself, I am concerned with the present day matters professional and aspiring writers face. I have talked with and counseled many writers over the past few years who struggle immensely with self-doubt and with others surrounding them taking their work seriously. My ultimate goal is to help writers overcome common stumbling blocks they will naturally encounter on their adventures.

Take a good hard look at your current world. What challenges lie in wait for you to conquer? What obstacles have you been avoiding? What tasks have you been procrastinating on? Take up the gauntlet and prove yourself worthy. If you are ready to take yourself to the next level in your career, let’s go on the adventure together towards earning what you truly deserve!

$3.99 – Purchase Checkout