If you need help developing your action plan for success, I can help!


I will work closely with you to help you figure out what you want to achieve, enhance your website marketing, and take a look at your portfolio in order to map out a specific plan that is right for you. This plan will be delivered to you by email with specific action steps you can take right away to reach your goals.


Who am I to help you with that?


My name is Valerie Bordeau and I am a creator and professional freelance writer who truly understands the frustration new writers have when trying to launch their careers.  I have a special gift for getting to the heart of a problem and coming up with solutions to attack them directly. (Don’t believe me? That’s okay. Perhaps you need a bit more social proof. Go ahead and scroll down to hear what others have to say.) I’ve been in this business for 3 years helping struggling writers earn what they truly deserve. Enough about me, I’d rather find out more about you.

Not a brand-new writer in the business? I can help seasoned professionals, too. We all need that third-party objective view sometimes to gain a fresh perspective on how we can improve our current skill-sets. Let’s talk!


For a limited time, you can now get this customized mentoring package. Sessions can be used whenever it is most convenient for you (even months down the road): 


Four 30-minute mentoring sessions for only $49.

Payment arrangements can be made on a case-by-case basis for individuals who cannot afford the full payment. Please contact me using the contact submission button above if you will need these types of arrangements.

The faster you develop your strategy, the faster your career will take off. Don’t delay! Click on the button below to order your mentoring session today! I will contact you within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.


Get your customized mentoring package today for only $49.

Client Testimonials



My strategy session with Valerie exceeded all my expectations. She is warm, empathetic and extremely astute.

As a writer who can literally write about anything, I was delighted she helped me to identify the niche where my passion truly lies. Valerie’s empathy and insight helped me gain complete clarity over my new direction and as a result I am putting the strategy plan she created for me into action with daily tasks. Thank you so much for your fabulously motivating guidance Valerie!”

– Gina Baksa



Angela Rose Weber


I like that the strategy plan says, *suggested*. This means I don’t have to do anything because I am my own person, who does stupid things and who makes mistakes, but it’s my life, so I get to make my own decisions!

I think that in order for me to accomplish anything I have to own up and man up and take responsibility for my life! Even if I do all the wrong things before I do the right things.

 And even if a smart, kind, nice person was telling me to do the right thing I believe that if I discover the right thing on my own then I will always be more successful with it. *This has always been true of my life experiences so far*

 So many people in my life, very kind, nice, well intentioned people have tried to help me succeed, but they have always tried helping me succeed at meeting their dreams, and not mine!

 What I found most valuable from our chat was when you gave me permission to do what I have always dreamed of doing, but never had the guts to pursue.

 I would advertise your services as a Dreams Coach or a Confidence Booster. A one hour talk with you is like being given a shot of pure confidence and momentary focus!!! Two things which I was seriously lacking before talking to you.

 All in all though, this list has helped me to focus greatly and narrow down even harder on exactly what it is that I want to accomplish. By Valerie making suggestions I was able to really think and see what my options are.

 I can see the path much more clearly now.” -Angela Rose Weber



kylie Dunn


I found the session quite interesting, since I’ve never done one of these before. You were really easy to talk to about things and I felt like you guided the conversation well to get what you needed from me. You could probably tell there is a lot about this that I find uncomfortable, talking to people about what I want to achieve, my goals and limitations is just not something that comes naturally – I doubt it does to most people.

The plan is a very simple document that should be easy for me to follow and implement. There are a lot of things in here that I know I have to do, but having someone else say it is always helpful.

Thank you Valerie for a great strategy session and making it really comfortable for a complete newbie. 

The plan that you have developed for me is very practical, with simple steps that I should be able to do. It takes into account all of the areas I have concerns with, and addresses some of the things that I didn’t realise I was stuck on, until we talked. I’m sure that if I just get off my butt now and implement the plan it will get me on the right path.” – Kylie Dunn



Susan Brackstone-1

“Thanks so much for the strategy plan and all your support. I finally feel I have some focus. It was great to talk to you during our strategy session, thanks for all your excellent advice. The strategy plan is brilliant, you understood exactly where I want to be and created a step by step plan to help me get there. With this and the great content on the site I feel well on the way to achieving my goals.” 
-Susan Brackstone

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