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After hours of sifting through tons of vague information on how to become a writer, you are left feeling frustrated and confused.You probably still have no clue on how to put any of it into practice.

Even if you do find work, many beginning freelancers face extremely low wages for the hard work they put in.

Slave labor just isn’t cutting it. C’mon, we writers have to eat, right?

Enough is enough. Say goodbye to low wages,  content mills and slave labor.

Freelance Writers Academy is dedicated to helping you ramp up your career and earning what you deserve!

We want to create a community culture of freelancers helping freelancers. Everyone needs a little advice or encouragement sometimes, and who better to get it from than those who’ve been through the same things.

The ultimate goal of the Freelance Writers Academy is to help you advance in your freelance writing careers.

We make it our business to provide you with valuable freelance business training and employment resources that will allow you to earn a sustainable income working from home.  


Our services include:

  • Personal Strategy Sessions To Help You Grow Your Business
  • Access to Step-by-Step Training Materials and Job Opportunities Through Membership
  • Free Resources To Help Freelance Writers Build Their Careers Faster

What Fans Are Saying About Freelance Writers Academy:


I love your website. I really feel drawn to the content. I subscribed to your pod-cast as well and I like what I’m hearing. I’m very impressed with the membership benefits as well, let’s just say that the Turkey is stuffed! Seriously, you’ve crammed in a ton of value for members, totally awesome.

– Adam Bailey


The blog articles are informative enough that I signed up for the newsletter. I just want to say that the personal touch you give to your email list is fantastic. Your recent email on what are you working on blew me away. I just wanted to tell you Valerie that you’re on the right course with creating a community and your content is great as well. I look forward to seeing what you do next.- Neil Eldred


What Members Are Saying About the Kingdom of Paidalot:

Gill Fernley says: Loving this so far. I’m really enjoying the FB group and I like the idea of the quests to get us to do the things we really need to do to be successful. Great idea!


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.”

~ Benjamin Franklin

I just read this quote and it made me think of the “Your Two Cents” quest. It’s a perfect example of why I enjoy this site because — unlike a self-service online course — the quests give me a compelling reason to get involved. The site is awesome too and I love the forums, but I just thought that quote was perfect.

iAdamn ~ Neophyte Knight



Christy Mossburg says:  Well worth the very reasonable investment!!


Anton Jeffrey Rasmussen: Wow!! The only thing that excites me more than going through all these quests is being part of a community while doing it. I’ve got some catching up to do.


Lynn Silva: There is a saying that I’ve clung to my entire life. “If your heart is not in something, you simply cannot do it.” Valerie, your heart and soul are clearly in helping writers. Those of us that receive your help will be blessed over and over. : )






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